GLOVES AND SAFETY VEST                                                                       $15      

Help us keep our volunteers safe while we

work to plants trees and clean up trash

in your community

T-SHIRTS                                                                                                  $15 + $2.75 Shipping     

When you press "Add to Cart", you will be taken to our

PayPal page where you can  indicate quantity. 

MULCH AND STAKES                                                                                    $75

Each urban street tree needs mulch and

stakes to help it remain stable and grow 

ACWA is working to bring change to our city streets with our Trees Not Trash program. Through collaboration with our local municipalities, we are planting strong, hardy trees along streets and sidewalks in our communities. 

Your donation will help us to continue this program to help restore more communities in the Antietam Conococheague Watersheds.  

GROUNDCOVER PLANTS                                                                            $40

ACWA will purchase and plant groundcover

plants to help rehabilitate damaged areas 

URBAN STREET TREE SHARE                                                                     $25             

We will be able to purchase 1 tree with

every 5 shares donated!

1 URBAN STREET TREE                                                                             $125  

ACWA will purchase and plant 1 tree

as part of our Trees not Trash program 

OTHER DONATION                                                                               $Any amount      

All donations are appreciated and will help

us plant urban street trees and continue

our Trees not Trash program

Antietam-Conococheague Watershed Alliance

PO Box 4665

Hagerstown, MD 21742